• Ocean & Forests


Feel one with nature.

Making endless beach walks and enjoying yourself in the forest amongst the many shades of green! That is the feeling you experience when walking through the Ocean & Forests colour theme.

Our Ocean & Forests colour theme is inspired by nature with its seasonal changes. The fresh green of the new leaves that appear every spring or the dark green that is reminiscent of a forest full of conifers. Do you think of white beaches, sun and blue sea? You may associate this with the summer colours of light blue and jade, while midnight blue and steel blue can be associated more with fierce winter storms on the Bering Sea.

The colours from this theme can be combined with the colours from the Smokey Black and Serenity themes. These two themes form a perfect palette for a classic interior. By featuring more dark blue colours or dark green, you will create make liveliness.

The Ocean & Forests colour theme is also perfect for mixing and matching special colour combinations! If a more Bohemian interior makes your heart beat faster, then you will certainly find the necessary inspiration here. The combination of the Roses & Fruits, Golden Chic and Ocean & Forests themes is in that case perfect! Many different colours, eye-catching designs, playful wall prints and all that combined with that antique family heirloom or that one beautiful find from a charity shop. This way you make your interior unique and outspoken. Distinctively you!

Do you find it difficult to determine which style suits you and how to design it all? The dealers of DutZ Collection are happy to assist you with the right advice. You can find the addresses of the DutZ dealers here

Every vase and pot of the DutZ Collection is mouth blown with love and sculpted by hand. Every tiny air bubble and every minuscule difference in dimensions gives your favourite DutZ vase its own distinct character.

That’s DutZ: Dare To Be Distinct!