DutZ recycled glass cylinders in the colour green and wihite. On a small table are cylinders in different sizes. Some are filled with flowers


We also of course try to contribute to a better world. And this is reflected in the beautiful timeless designs that we present every season.

But we also try to produce more and more sustainably and we have succeeded!

Big time!!

A lovely new series made with recycled glass.
Cylinders in beautiful colours, such as green, mocca and white.

Like all our other glassware, this recycled glass range is also made using traditional methods.

The recycled glass can have a greenish-blue colour. This particular colour gets created when the glass is melted once again.

The combination of the artisan production process and the re-use of the glass ensures that each vase has its own unique, distinct characteristics.

Every DutZ cylinder is unique! Each glass vase is mouth blown by glass blowers from our European glass workshops.

Each product may therefore differ slightly in colour and shape from the images. Small deviations such as bubbles and scratches are not defects, but a result of the artisan process of traditional glass blowing. They enrich the product and give it a unique look.


DutZ – Dare to be distinct or in Dutch: Durf Uitgesproken Te Zijn

There is always a DutZ dealer near by who can advise you on the styling of the different vases.
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Besides beautiful recycled glass cylinders, we also have glass flower pots, glass bowls and glass hurricane lamps and this collection is constantly expanding and we present surprising new items several times a year!