DutZ collection has been known for many years for its artisan mouthblown glassware. Every glass vase from the DutZ Collection has been created with a lot of love and passion for the glassblowing craft by true artisan craftsmen.

DutZ vases are glass vessels that are made in a large variety of colours. This way you will always find what you’re looking for! More than just our clear glass selection, which will suit any interior design, we have an extensive collection of coloured glass. We have divided our large collection in a couple of colour themes, this way it is much easier for you to find the most suitable glass vase you might desire!

For instance, when you are looking for a red coloured DutZ vase, then just have a quick look in our Roses & Fruits colour theme. Or are you maybe someone who enjoys more natural colours? Then you will certainly appriciate our Serenity colour range, or what would you think of our Smokey Black?

Every one of our glass vessels has been created through an artisan crafting process. This means that every vase has been made by hand and is mouthblown. This in turn means that you will always receive a unique DutZ vase, and not every vase will be an exact copy of the other! How cool is that? Of course, one can try to match two vases that are as much similar as possible, and certainly it is possible to find two copies that are almost exact, but ultimately one will have a slightly different air bubble pattern and another will have miniscule differences in measurements. Exactly that is what makes our collection so unique and distinctive!

And distinctive is precisely what DutZ stands for: Dare to be Distinct (DutZ: Durf Uitgesproken Te Zijn). Distinctive by design. distinctive in colour. Distinctive by the unique range of glass vases.


And with all these distinctive vessels you can start to build your very own collection of DutZ. Because it will be fun to display all your DutZ vases in a big group display and create beautiful combination displays of vases and flowers. That way you will have on your table a gorgeous smelling beautiful sea of flowers. Check out to see if there is a DutZ reseller nearby who can help you create and style a vase display for you.

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Besides our elegant glass vases with beautiful contemporary and modern designs, we have also an extensive range of flower pots, glass serving dishes and glass hurricanes and wind lights and we continue to expand on these collections. Moreover, a few times a year we will launch a range of surprising new items! For instance, look how incredibly special these specially designed glass side table are, created by Studio Suolle and launched last spring! And how about our latest collaboration with the glass artist, Sini Majuri. She designed the wonderful Bumpy vase for us.
So, let us soon surprise you with many more exciting contemporary and fun glass designs.