Luxury candles

The luxury candles from DutZ Collection provide extra ambience and cosiness in the evening and during the day they add colouring to your interior!

The handmade candles from DutZ Collection are produced in Europe and are of very high quality and made of 100% paraffin. The candles are available in several sizes and colours, so there is always a suitable size for your candleholder, hurricane candleholder, candlestick or dish. We have matching luxury candles in every colour theme. The extensive collection of mouth-blown hurricanes vases and dishes from DutZ Collection fit in perfectly together with the beautiful handmade candle collection.


For styling the candles we would suggest a similar approach as for the mouth-blown glassware in our collection; creating a colourful arrangement is the magic of styling, this holds true also for our candles! The candles from DutZ Collection are real timeless eye-catchers. By placing candles in matching colours and different heights together on a glass dish, you immediately get a feeling of luxury and abundance.


You will find an extensive range of candles and glassware at our DutZ Collection dealers. You can find the nearest dealer here.

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