Rostbrown pots in all different sizes on a grey glass plate


Glass flower pots should not be missing in a modern and stylish interior! At DutZ Collection you can find plenty of choice for glass flower pots. Our glass flower pots, just like the glass vases, glass candlesticks and glass bowls, are all mouth blown and hand formed.

Because all our glassware is blown in the traditional artisan way, no two glass flower pot are exactly the same. Every air bubble, every small bump or slight difference in size is the result of the dedicated craftsmanship of the glassblowers. That is what makes every glass flower pots from DutZ Collection totally unique.

Well, we are talking about flower pots, and of course flowers will look beautiful and decorative in your interior design. But of course, you can also put a beautiful plant in these pots or what about a candle?

Our stylish glass flower pots can be set in many different interior designs and this is partly due to the fact that they are available in so many different colours, sizes and designs.

Are you a fan of the Scandi design living style: functional, minimalist, timeless and high quality? The glass flower pots from DutZ Collection are a real addition to this living style. Partly due to their sleek design and the many possible ways of styling mentioned above, the glass flower pots from DutZ Collection are a perfect fit for this style.

Do you like mixing and matching different colours, designs and patterns and do you like items with a special back story? Then you might be more of a Bohemian type: gorgeous warm shades of glass flower pots, such as golden tones, warm tones of brown or fresh and trendy pink, which you can combine in a pleasing way; in one a nice plant and in another a candle and so you create at a beautiful atmospheric Bohemian setting.

Whatever your style or taste, dare to follow your own feelings and whether this is Scandi or Bohemian, it will eventually become your own distinctive unique interior with your own unique setting of glass flower pots from DutZ Collection.


DutZ – Dare To Be Distinctive, or in Dutch – Durf Uitgesproken Te Zijn

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