Candle holders / tea light holders

Glass candle holders and small glass tea light holders have become an integral part of our interior. They are of course also very stylish and provide a magical glow!

Glass tealight holders can also serve as a small flower vase. That’s the nice thing about our glassware; it has many uses!

Each candle holder and each tea light holder are made from mouth blown glass and hand crafted. This ensures that each item is unique; one candle glass may have a little more air bubbles inside than the other and the next is just a fraction larger. All those beautiful unique characteristics ensure that your favourite glass item is really unique; there will never be an exact match!


Mouthblown glass votives can be found in all of our colour themes. Do you enjoy colour? Then you can go for it with candle glasses in a large variety of colours! For instance, take a quick look at the Roses & Fruits, Ocean & Forest or Golden Chic colour themes; here you can indulge yourself if you like colour!

And how about letting your interior design change with the seasons! If you favour a calm, stylish design, you can add subtle colours in the details. Combine a tall cylinder in the smoke colour with small pink candle glasses in the spring and summer and, for example, opt for glass votive in gold during the Christmas period. This way you can introduce some variations and create an interior that completely suits you.

People who prefer the calm Scandinavian living style or Scandi Design, can certainly indulge in our collection too. The calm, natural tones in the colour themes Serenity and Smokey Black match this style very well!


Dare To Be Distinctive; that’s what DutZ means! And, what does distinctive mean is different for everyone! Some will seek grand designs and the next in colourful details, while another opts for a more a calm living style.

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