Here at DutZ Collection we have been renowned for many years for our mouthblown glass vases. Besides glass vases we also have other glass pots and glass bowls and dishes in our collection. These glass bowls and dishes are created with a lot of love and dedication for the artisan craft of mouthblown and hand-crafted glass making. This artisan process ensures that every item is a unique creation and that every bowl or dish is not an exact copy of the other.

Our glass bowls and glass dishes are available in many variations. Large, small, with bubbles, rounded, … actually too many to list here.

Maybe you enjoy grouping a number of glass vases together with a beautiful bouquet spread out, or maybe you desire to create a setting of rustic candles together, in that case flat glass dishes are a beautiful way to display. This glass dish design has a smooth flat bottom surface, which is stable and solid. These glass dishes are available in two colours and a number of dimensions.

Would you like to display an impressive flower bouquet on a dinner table? In that case glass bowls with bubbles or our bowls are a suitable option. They have an edge at the side which will support the flowers more upright and make sure it will be a magnificent display.

Or maybe you enjoy simplicity and smooth clean lines? Of course, we have options for that too! For instance, our glass dishes with bubbles are also gorgeous objects to display on a side-table or dresser. Or maybe you would prefer a big bowl made of clear glass to also function as a fruit bowl? Options, options, options.


And if you really need some help with options; don’t worry! Have a quick look at our dealer page and head for the nearest DutZ Collection stockist. Here they will gladly assist you with their insights to help you style your beautiful glass dish or bowl from DutZ.

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