Peace and tranquillity, everything in harmonious! White, clear, light grays, that’s what you’ll find in the Serenity colour theme.

The combination of our mouth-blown glass collection and the Serenity colour theme is really excellent; these themes reinforce each other tremendously! The energy that the glass candlesticks and glass vases radiate are combined with the tranquillity of the soothing colours within this theme; they are perfectly balanced with each other!


Within the Serenity colour theme, the design possibilities are endless. This part of our collection of mouthblown glass fits perfectly into any modern interior, but also fits perfectly with the Scandinavian living style that we often encounter these days.

Let yourself be surprised by the outspoken simplicity of our glass pots and vases. It is precisely this simplicity that gives such a modern classic feeling in your interior. Less is more is all important here!

It is wonderful to fill a clear glass with bubbles-vase with a bouquet of all the same flowers. This way you can create that sense of serenity and keep a stillness within your interior.

Maybe you desire a calmness and balance in your interior, but at the same time you want showcase some eye-catching details. That is of course also possible! A colourful bouquet of flowers, arranged in a clear glass vase, can really create a beautiful image; that way all the attention goes to that vivid bouquet. Make sure you select the right vase for that bouquet; in this way the glass vase and the bouquet will reinforce each other.

In addition to glass vases and pots, you will find a collection of hurricane lanterns and candlesticks in the Serenity colour theme. People who love the rustic and rural interiors can really find themselves here!

Picture this: You are on holiday in the Loire region of France and there, on the banks of the Loire, in the middle of a fairy-tale landscape, is a grand medieval castle. You walk through the drawbridge into the courtyard and then you go up a staircase and you enter an overwhelming stately hall. There in that room is a beautiful antique limestone fireplace. On top of the mantlepiece of the fireplace and also scattered around the room, candles burn in glass lanterns of all different sizes and shapes. The hurricane lanterns are joined here and there by beautiful glass candlesticks. You immediately feel like a lady or lord when you see all that beauty!


Do you find it difficult to find the right combination yourself? Follow us on our social media channels for a daily dose of inspiration. And our dealers are of course ready to help you find the perfect colour combination with their expertise.

Every vase and pot of the DutZ Collection is mouth blown with lots of love and sculpted by hand. Every small air bubble and every minuscule difference in dimensions gives your favourite DutZ vase its own distinct character.

That’s DutZ: Dare To Be Outspoken!