DutZ glass gardenballs in three sizes on a gardentable in the colour dark green


From a small white glass gardenball for the planter in the patio corner to ten distinctive gardenballs varying in size and colour in the soil between the perennials.

It doesn’t matter how big your balcony or your garden is, because we have gardenballs and gardensticks in our collection for every setting.


With the garden balls in different colours and sizes, you can give that extra bit of fun and colour to your garden in the autumn or make your garden even more colourful in the summer. By combining the garden balls with the garden sticks you create a distinctive garden landscape.

When the sun reflects off the glass of the garden balls and garden sticks, it seems as if gems are glittering in your garden.

And why not use the garden balls indoors? We have already spotted the gardenballs on social media with fairy lights inside them. Then you have a truly unique decorative light!

It is also nice to put balls off varying sizes together on, for example, a side table or dresser. It will look like an art object!


Dare To Be Distinctive; that’s what DutZ means! And, what does distinctive mean is different for everyone! Some will seek grand designs and the next in colourful details, while another opts for a more a calm living style.

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